Friday, June 5, 2015

Channeling my inner Wayne Thiebaud

Every Day in May painting for the prompt 'Cupcake'

Wayne Thiebaud is so synonymous with the depiction of baked goods that it’s impossible to paint a cupcake without unconsciously painting the thing as Thiebaud might have. 

Thiebaud taught at UC Davis for decades. How wonderful would it have been to take a class from this icon? Here’s a great short film about a sweet great artist:

Hello, it's me . . .

My good friend Karen reminded me that I've not blogged here in way too long.  That's because I've been participating in the Every Day in May blog on Facebook.

We were given a new drawing prompt every day in May. These were mundane objects that could easily be found and drawn at home.

We posted our daily drawings on the Every Day in May Facebook page. So fun to see how people from all over the world interpreted the same prompt.  My objective in doing this exercise? To incorporate a daily creativity habit. I think it's working . . . so far.

Here's a few of my favorites from my Every Day in May posts. The prompt is written on each drawing. Funny, how many of my drawings are about food!